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With 10 producing countries supplying more than 70% of world production, a good logistics process ensures the possibility of enjoying cherry anywhere in the world. Fermac Cargo tells you everything about this fruit that conquers every year a thousand of loyal customers.

Of uncertain origin, the cherry is a fruit consumed worldwide because of its excellent nutritional and healthy benefits. It can be found both in the south and in the northern hemisphere, and generally are classified between sweet (Prunus avium L.) and sour (Prunus cerasus L.). To have an idea about the ​​diversity, only in Spain, 50 varieties are produced. These are the factors that make it possible to find throughout the whole year.



World production during the 2014/15 season reached the value of 2.41 million tons, an increase of 1.5% compared to the previous year.

Currently, the largest cherry producers are Turkey (20.7%), United States (16.4%), China (9.1%), Ukraine (9.1%) and Poland (8.3%). However, two countries are struggling to enter into the ranking: China and Chile, which tripled its production in the last decade.

While sweet cherries mostly are produced in the United States and Turkey, the acid type is native to eastern and southern Europe.

In Spain, the main production areas are located in Extremadura and Andalusia, followed by Catalonia. The most commonly production used for export is the one from Extremadura, which allocates 45% of its production for sale abroad.

The main consuming countries are in Eastern Europe, but cherry is also popular in other parts of the European Union and South America. Only Turkey consumes 450,000 tons per year; behind are the United States and China, who have an annual consumption of 300 thousand tons per year each one.

In 2014, the global demand for fresh cherries in international markets was 424,000 tons. The main importer was China, which requested a total of 28% of cherries, most originary of the United States and Chile. Other countries on the list are Russia, Germany and Canada.

The United States and Chile are the two largest exporters, with a total volume of 21% and 20%, respectively. In third place it is Turkey, followed by China and Spain. It is important to know that more than 60% of exports from Turkey remains within the European Union, a very similar fact that occurs with Spain, whose 25% of its total exports are shipped to the UK.

Picota of the Jerte Valley is one of the most exported varieties in the country.

The main destinations are Britain (which can receive 70% of production), Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Belgium. Brazil is also proving to be a good receiver of Spanish cherries.

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Being a perishable fruit, cherries must be transported from collection to your destination through specific treatments for preservation, where the cold chain plays a key role.

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