02 Jun It’s already here the Stone Fruit Campaign!

Forecasts for this campaign, which has just begun, despite the inclement weather, are positive generating an aura of optimism for the sector. In Fermac Cargo, aware of the expansion of new markets, we bring your stone fruit to any destination.

We have summer just around the corner and with it come the nectarines, plums, apricots, cherries and peaches. These fruits are classified as “Stone Fruit”, a name bearing fleshy fruits that have a big bone on the inside where you can find the seed. Also belong to the Prunus family and are produced in countries with warm climates, being sensitive to temperature changes in the winter. The flowers usually appear during spring and fruits are harvested in summer.



World production of peaches and nectarines is on the rise, especially in countries like China. Who wins popularity in Europe is apricot, according to estimates, the harvest totaled 443,000 tons, standing out as major European producing countries Italy, France, Spain and Greece.


Only in Spain, it is estimated to be produced 110,000 tons of apricots.


In addition to increased plantings of different varieties of peach, nectarine and apricot, the Spanish market is optimistic due to the opening of exports of peaches, nectarines and Paraguayans to the Chinese market, whose production reaches a higher value than 13.5 millions of tons.

The stone fruit is highly perishable, presenting a very short life after harvest, so a proper temperature management is necessary. We from Fermac Cargo, as experts in perishable products, we work with cold chain throughout the logistics process to deliver a hard stone fruit without bruising and in your destination.


From Fermac we seek the optimal path according to the durability of the product and market momentum.


Similarly, aware of the expansion of new markets, we bring your fruit to anywhere in the world seeking for the fastest routes, thus reducing transit times. With our specialized team, available every day of the year, 24 hours a day to provide logistical tailored solutions, you’ll enjoy the summer with the peace of mind that your stone fruits will reach the destination with a firm texture and excellent appearance.

Do not waste your time and ask about the logistics solutions that we offer.



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